Local products

Local products

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Locanda Montegiovi

Prodotti locali

You can taste some local products that we have in the house.

We make bread, pizza and “schiacciata” for the old street market in Subbiano on the second Sunday of September. We buy the corn directly from the producer in our valley.

At Christmas we use to bake “panettoni” and “pandori” in the old wood burning oven.

We also prepare jams and spirits with the herbs and the fruit of our garden.

In the garden you can also pick some fresh vegetables.

If you want you can help us to prepare these specialities, you can also follow cookery courses to make pasta and other typical dishes.

Wine and oil

We buy these products directly from the producer. At the moment we have:

  • Red wine from Renacci (a hill of Montegiovi), Azienda Agricola Rosita Bidini (rosita.bidini@gmail.com)
  • White (ansonica) and red wine (sangiovese) from Suvereto (near Bolgheri, where we go to the sea) – azienda Agricola Il Bruscello
  • Red wine from Guarniente (a hill in front of Montegiovi) – azienda Agricola la Querce
  • From Azienda Agricola La Querce we also buy olive oil, ham and a delightful pecorino-cheese

Spirits and jams

You can find the flavour and the fragrance of our garden in our jams and spirits.

Products of the Fraternity of the Hope

Our neighbours are the monks of the Fraternity of the Hope: they whouse flowers and the fruit to make spirits and essential oil that you can order fro us.

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Hypericum oil

Very suitable for skin treatments

Calendula oil

Also suitable for skin treatments

Lavanda oil

Suitable for the skin and for the bloodstream

Lavanda water

To perfume the air of your rooms

Where we are

    Montegiovi n. 5 - 52010 Subbiano (AR)

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